Tuesday, 2 June 2009

books n me!!!

It was always my dream to sit with books all day reading and doing nothing at all. I just believe that dream has come true. These days I have nothing to do except read books and dream for the future lying ahead is so unsure. Well, one thing that is proving quite beneficial is that I am catching up on books I had lost out on all these years. I have been reading continuously, but I am afraid to say how much I had wanted this phase in life I just cant stand it. I need to do worthwhile in my these formative years but I am being denied just the chance and the opportunity and if I keep listening to my well wishers I'd not be able to do anything at all in these formative years and what a wastage of time would that be :(

So I better get started with something worthwhile before it is too late. c u soon with more updates on my life.

1 comment:

Mridul said...

keep it up Niki...i feel jeolous of ur luck actually