Sunday, 19 July 2009

kissa KURSI ka!!!

Life shows what irony! Only a month back I was cribbing about sitting and sitting on my blog because that was what I was doing those days. Sitting. But now since the time I have left my job I strive to sit. Yup, when u r in a profession which demands you to be on ur toes all day, I am left with little choice as to sitting. It has become a routine affair that I am being demanded to be on my legs all the time I am in the court premises. I have to literally snatch seats from illegible persons. Illegible persons? who are those you may ask. They are those who are 1) not senior advocates 2) are junior advocates be they elder to me 3) are those who are not recognised in the legal world as the luminaries of the profession 4) i do not know them though the world may know them 5) persons who are not related to me 6) etc...etc...

I have literally stooped down to the level of "Kissa Kursi ka" in order to straighten my back be it just for a few minutes.

I am sorry legal world but it is imminently necessary for my body and it is pertinent to mention herein that I have grown accustomed to the chair in these two years of having worked in the corporate world that I am unable to keep myself on my toes for longer than required :)