Sunday, 26 September 2010

My niece on her first ever baby show -

I was looking cute
Dat was how I was viewed

Dressed up as a pari
I had no worry

I went to a baby show
And sat in d second row

But cudn't keep my feet still
And climbed onto d stage fir n fir (again n again!)

d principle was pareshan
“kaun hai ye nanha shaitan”!!!

I was called to perform on d stage
Coz I cudn't be bound like a animal in a cage

So I went up d stage to stand
And an exclamation went up – “ oh! Wat a cute baby with a cute hair band”

D hair band had two ears
And I bath daily with pears

So I was standing dere
N all attention was on me n my gear

I had a fairy stick in my hand
Which I used to make d balloon on d stage expand

D anchoring host was happy
N d audience went clappy clappy

den later on d results came out
N my bua let out a little shout

Coz I had won d first prize
Which for my dadu-dadi, mummy –daddy n chachu-chachi was a big surprise

Dey all heaved a sigh of relief
Coz dis little naughty girl had made dem believe.

One piece of advice
Every adult has within him a child

Show ur naughtiness to everyone
forget all d tensions coz u r unique and the only one.

Thank u for ur support
Wenever I win another time I will put up a post

N also plz forgive my BUA
She is a liitle crack hua...

Jab se I have won dis baby show
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!