Sunday, 21 April 2013

Time is not right for girls to be born

Its not worth anymore to be born a one understands the importance. There was a time when girls were considered to be goddess. A girl  born to a family was considered to be auspicious. But times have changed fast. They are being killed in the womb and if not there then they are being raped at the age of 4, 5, 6, 16, 20, 40...if not then they are being harassed at workplace, if not then at home by some pervert people who can be anyone ranging from ur boyfriend to your husband, from your parents to your in-laws to the gaon-wallahs. Rampant killing of girl child in womb, nirbhaya rape case,  rape of a 5 yr old, rape of a 6 yr old, aarushi murder case, honour killings are all evidences suggesting that the time is not right for girls to be born. 

What do we do then? We cannot of course stop them from being born..we cannot stop them from being educated...we cannot stop them from working...we cannot stop them from partying with friends, we cannot stop them from being independent. But what do we do then? Let them be raped in this heinous way? Let them be strangulated by their own educated parents? Let them again and again be mentally tortured like there is no tomorrow. 

Time asks for men to change. Time is for them to understand that women are not a piece of satisfaction, women are not objects of gratification, women are not to be looked down upon.. they are not a piece of rag to be used and thrown as and when they wish..they are not to be raped in a bus by 5 kaminey men, they are not to be robbed of their innocence at the age of 4, 5, 6...they are not to be stangulated for being overfriendly with their servant, they are not be killed in wombs, they are not what men make out of them.

Please respect the girl in all forms be it ur daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, mother, friend, stranger...Pleeesee..