Thursday, 18 June 2009

Sit! sit! sit!

sit for a while when u wake up

sit when u go for nature's call

sit everytime u shit

sit when u have breakfast

sit while u drive or are driven to office (1 hr, 2 hr...)

sit when u reach office and start ur PC

sit when u r read mails

sit when u r working on projects

sit when u go to breakout area to have coffee

sit when u come back to ur seat

sit when ur boss is nearby

sit when u want to play carom

sit when u have lunch

sit and watch when others are playing TT

sit in the shade when it is sunny outside to take a walk

sit in the sun when it is chilly

sit after a walk

sit after a run

sit when u have no work to do and all u do is play games on ur computer and idle away ur time

sit while u drive or are driven back to ur home

sit when u reach home

sit when u have dinner

sit with ur family for a hearty talk after a long day which u passed sitting

sit @ home when u watch TV (lying and watching is harmful for eyes)

sit (slumber) in theater seats when u watch movies

sit in the bus or auto when u go out

sit and listen to ur friends while they do the talking

sleep while sitting (when u don't have any other option)

sit when u r tired

sit when u have nothing to do

sit and gaze up in the sky to feel the beauty of night life

sit and watch the birds who u didn't realise existed

sit and watch the world go by

sit and watch ur lawyer play with words in front of judge

sit and watch while the doctor operates on ur near and dear ones

sit and wait for that one phone call for which u have been waiting for so long

sit whenever u get the opportunity to sit

sit when the room is crowded and there is no place to sit, yet u find a place for yourself to sit by hook or crook

sit when an elder is standing and needs that seat more than u do

sit while the child hangs on to u for his dear life

sit and read ur favorite book (lying down while reading is harmful for...u know what...)

shit! sit while u write all this nonsense!!!

double shit! sit while u read all this nonsense!!!!!!!

These humans do not have a single ounce of value for us bums on whom they sit and do all these rubbish things :P

i m fed up of this sitting and shitting... God! plz rescue me from all this sitting :(


unforgiven said...

I don't think I've ever thought about 'sit' this much before.

Yes, I do mean 'sit'

Siddhant Mahajan said...

There is something called Standing Ovation :D