Thursday, 11 June 2009

Caught Snapping - Novemebr 1, 2008

This is the image of a 50 ps dividend that I had received from a company. It was published in the column "Caught Snapping" of the weekly Delhi metroplus magazine of a leading English Daily The Hindu.

After having received a phone call on the next saturday following the publication of my photograph I was on cloud nine. I had to be. It is not everday that u get to see ur name published in an English Daily newspaper! I was doing office on that saturday :( n I cudnt just control myself when this piece of information was delivered to me. I immediately started eating the ears of my colleague who was overtiming with me ;)

Later in the day when I met my parents in the Great India Place Mall in Noida, I just couldnt stop myself from blurting out my achievement...

As a reward of the phot being published in the newspaper I was given a Rs. 2000/- gift voucher of Art Karat - a semi precious jewellery house. Yipee!!! a 50 ps dividend was returned with a Rs. 2000/- award. Can anyone believe my luck???? I can. He he he he

Later that day I had also brought a Fastrack watch for myself which was pending for a long time. All happiness in one day!!!

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