Friday, 12 June 2009

Childhood and old age - a miraculous combination

We are born dependent on others
We die depending on others

We are born with all four limbs undeveloped
We die with all four limbs non-functional

We crawl towards our growth
We crawl to our end

When we are born we are unable to recognize our family members or anyone for that matter
When we die we are still unable to recognize the outside world

When we are born the only communication we have is the cry
When we die there is no one to hear our sobs

We are lavished with all the attention in the world
We crave for attention when we are nearing the end of our life

We are happily doted on by our fathers and mothers and family
We are left helpless in one corner of the home because the child we took care of is busy taking care of his/her child and has forgotten the parent who took care of him when he was a child

We are introduced to the outside world very eagerly
We remain in one room of the house if there are some guests visiting lest our children are embarrassed

We are given every basic necessity that we need
We are dependent on our children to have our specs repaired and out artificial dentures made

We are happy when we see our grandads and grandmas coz they are the only ones who do not have teeth like us
We understand our grandchild's cry and play with him without our artificial dentures so that he can relate to us

We are yet to see this world
We have been there and experienced it all

Childhood and old age are two stages of life which are very similar to each other though having a gap of 60 years or so. The connection between a grandchild and his grandparents is a very divine one. They both are so similar and different to each other at the same time. They tend to understand each other so perfectly. And when one is not at home the other misses him profoundly. A perfect combination for a growing child and an ageing mother/father coz the child needs attention and the grandparent needs someone to spend time with. PERFECT!

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