Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My pensieve


No, this is not Santa in an interview trying to stop his scooter. It is the rear tyre of the scooty I m sitting on going berserk. OK, it got punctured when I sat on the scooty. Happy.

Not that my sitting had anything to do with it getting punctured. There was no air in the rear tyre already and when I sat as a pillion driver it got worse.

Now, whats the use of telling this to you... Nothing. Just that my hand was itching for writing and i thought of penning down the thought for the fear that it may not get lost somewhere in the so-many-hundreds of other important memories stored in the so-many thousand neurons in the brain. I want my blog/diary to be my pensieve where i can take out a thought and keep it safely for later recollection. This way there is no cluttering of unimportant memories in my brain n i also do not lose any other memory though not significant to this unfair world where all i hv is myself n my memories.

I know. I write absurd sometimes but that is how I am. sometimes gud n sometimes bad but the beauty is that i write where many people don't :)

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