Friday, 26 June 2009

end of an era

It was the end of an era.
End of the corporate era.
The 'nice' journey is over.
The journey in the corporate world.
The journey of rat race.
The journey thru thick and thin.
The journey thru wilderness and plains.
Journey on straight and twisted roads.
Journey up and down the hill.
Journey on smooth and rugged roads.
The journey with friends and foes alike. But nevertheless a journey which gave me friends whom I will cherish for life.
The journey of many bad twists lost in the many good turns.

A journey to remember 'coz it was my first in the corporate world.


Mridul said...

ok ok...i understand ur difficilty..cant be very honest in blog...i am feeling similarly in many on a serious note...d end of a journey is merelt d biginning of cheer up always..

Mridul said...

thnx fr ur comment Niki and thanx also fr following my d way...i cudnt add ur blog coz i did nt know how to do so...i m still learning the tru blog art...but now i have added u...keep writing TC
PS-y hv u becom so formal...MridulJI is...who???