Friday, 29 May 2009

Lost on the road

As the title suggests this post has got nothing, absolutely nothing to do with being lost on the road. I couldn't think of a better one, so this.

As we were on our way to the office today in the morning, on a highway I saw a man standing in the middle of the road wanting to cross the road but nevertheless confused with the oncoming high speed cars, bikes, buses, cycles (for the driver of the cycle he is at high speed atleast) etc... The driver of our car slowed down as he approached the stranded man and let him cross the road safely. Having seen the man stranded in the middle of the road with high traffic I was forced to smile at having recalled the day when I was similarly stranded at a red light which had suddenly turned green and i was stuck in the middle of the road with high speeding vehicles from all sides.

It happened when I was in college. Near to my college there was a bus stop and further across the road was a temple. To reach the temple I'd to get down @ the bus and cross the road via a red light which was at the crossroads. Just as I was crossing the road the red light did not show any sympathy towards me and turned green. I panicked. Not because I was in the exact middle of the road but because on one side there was a truck and on the other a bus and forget about all the other vehicles zooming past me. I shut my eyes tightly for a second or so standing there. I don't know what overcame me but then I opened my eyes and began to think rationally. I tried to dodge the cars and buses and the trucks and finally heaving a sigh of relief reached on the other side of the road. whew! I must tell you guys it was a horrible nightmare sort of thing. I let out a very loud breath thru my mouth as if that was the reason I was holed up in the mid of the road and at the same time I thanked the God overlooking me.

And at that point of time I also remembered another incident which had happened to me back in Kerala while I was in school. I happened to be going somewhere but I dont remember where. So, I got down from this bus and had meant to cross the road when another bus came across the bend without any notice (read horn) and I had to jump back from the road. Had I not jumped back I would surely have become a poster. The conductor of the bus let out a loud whistle and said back to me "have u told at home that u wont be returning back today". I felt annoyed by the comment but at the same time I felt a smile of pain cross my lips as the depth of what he had said crossed my mind. Since then I have narrated this incident a lot of times to whole lot of people at a whole lot of situations and to whoever is ready to listen coz I still feel it as fresh in my mind and that if I dont tell people I will be at fault. And I feel a pang of guilt even today for having given that creature an opportunity to say those kind of words to me.

You never know when where who what how any incident may hurt you. Not physically but mentally.

Have a safe day. And thanks for reading this post.

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Mridul said...

really???God bless u forthwith...