Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Insane while Sane

Lack of sleep and the bite of mosquitoes are so overwhelming that they can cause any sane person to go insane. I am an advocate by profession and one of these days I was working on some agreements and contracts in my professional life. It is said that whatever you do in the course of the day provides the source of what you dream in the sub-conscious stage which is known as dreams.

One fine night I was safely lodged in my bed of comfort and lost in sleep (I won’t say dreams coz there were no dreams at that time), when suddenly there is darkness everywhere (I know its night and there is supposed to be darkness but in this case the inverter technology was being used and the inverter had died down after the electricity had been cut-off for 2 hrs). And so there was darkness and the whole household was rendered without fan or light (light would have not served any purpose at that time but fan would have). And so there was darkness and no electricity and then there came this horrible species of mosquitoes that take the pleasure of buzzing around you and sucking out your blood unless you raise your tail and ward them off. Of course a world without these mosquitoes would have been heaven for people like us who constantly live in the danger of being bitten by mosquitoes and catching some unpronounceable disease. So the coming of mosquitoes was directly proportional in the going away of my sweet sleep. The larger the number of mosquitoes, the greater the amount of sleep I was losing.

In that tragic time, anyone would have lost his sleep, even a person after a hard day’s work. But I, I did not lose my cool and tried to solve the situation ASAP. I proposed an agreement. An agreement with the team leader of the mosquitoes that they will forget that I am a human containing sweet blood and it is their duty to trouble me and in return for their this consideration me and my family will not attack them with any mosquito repellants or any other device used for squatting mosquitoes including our own hands. The TL in consultation with his colleagues reluctantly agreed to my terms and conditions. Oblivious to the fact that I was being tampered with by these cold blooded mosquitoes, my family was having a sound sleep. So I did not bother to wake them up and signed the agreement in my own capacity but not without one further condition from the TL. And that was to sign the damned agreement with MY own blood. The TL had surely got me in his claws. I had never shed my own blood with my own hands except for at the time when we had founded the secret seven society in school and had required the seven members to swear by their own blood that they will not reveal their identity come what may (as if I remember as to who I used to be. Maybe Janet or even Peter or was I George?). Nevertheless, to escape the wrath of the blood sucking mosquitoes I had to do what they wanted. I had to give in to their request of signing with my blood. But there was a catch. Being a lawyer I could not leave them with such an easy agreement. Sure enough I asked them as to whose blood are they going to shed in order to sign the same agreement. The TL started laughing. I could not fathom the joke at first because the sleep ridden brain was failing to respond properly to any event. But slowly things came into a clear picture and I understood. These stupid mosquitoes had been sucking my blood for so long that whoever did the signatures it was my blood that would be shed ultimately.

Well, all said and done, we had entered into a Gentleman’s promise. But then gentleman’s promise is only for gentleman and not for gentle ladies and hard stinged mosquitoes. As soon as the agreement was signed by my blood from both the sides and the mosquitoes having had their fill of my offering began their attack in full force. I appealed to their TL but he shrugged and showed his helplessness by saying that his colleagues do not obey him any longer after having signed any agreement with the opposite party. They do as they wish and it is beyond his capacity to stop them. But he gave me one solution. That their manager can stop these mosquitoes from misbehaving. But the whereabouts of the manager was unknown at this point of time as he was hard at work on another subject and to reach him and bring him here would take another day. I had first thought that I will take the risk of waiting for the manager but then something else clicked and I was forced to consider the fact that the manager wouldn’t be coming alone. He will be coming with a hoard of other employees and that if the manager’s orders fell on deaf ears I would surely be a gone case than I was at this time.

So I decided to let the mosquitoes take their own course of action and I took my own. I shook my head like a dog does after having taken a water splash and got ready to beat the pulp out of these damned mosquitoes that have no respect for words given to a fellow living being. Having already lost my sleep I took it upon myself to get rid of these mosquitoes but they were outnumbering me by the second and at last I had to give in to their demands of blood till the time the electricity was restored back in our sweet home.

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