Wednesday, 15 April 2009

20th march, 2009 - memorable. not for the date. not for the day. just for the fact that i left what i had been enjoying most dese 1 and a half yr. company of some really gud people. ultimately I had decided to move my own CHEESE. and then i too moved with the cheese. change was good. adapting is difficult. wen u get used to some things for a long time and u really enjoy those lively moments in life, u really dont feel like adapting to the change. u tend to become like HEM. but then change is important and advisable too. u need to be someone like HAW who was initially binded to the old cheese but then understood that the best course will be to go in search for the new cheese.
i faced the same situation. i gave up the old cheese in search of new cheese. and i have found my new cheese. but adapting to this new cheese is proving a bit difficult. its not impossible but difficult. the type of casual environment i have always lived is not to be seen till far-off lands :)

well. anyways. 29thmarch. last day in Noida office. shifted to gurgaon. gurgaon boring. trying to adapt. adapting difficult. end of story. period.

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