Wednesday, 25 March 2009

life is roller coaster

life is roller coaster. it had not happened before. but it was happening now. i was never a party to such a treatment the whole of my life till date. but then all thing are meant to happen for the first time and u never know wen that first time arrives in ur life and at which stage. u may be wondering as to what mountain has come crashing down on this gal that she is so emotional and senti.
I will tell u wat happened. i have started having lunch ALONE! yes, it was my choice and not chance that i have started having lunch all alone with no one to share my time except for the books which will always be my best friends. i had to take this drastic decision after having joined the current team in gurgaon where i was shifted after a short stint with the earlier team in noida. i have left behind some of the cool friends of all times and now i dont feel like making new friends coz ultimately i will have to leave them behind one day. i made friends in college and then office and now everyone has been taken away from me coz as the elders say "Life has to go on".

but why???

why? life is so unfair that the friends u make are taken away from u time and again? so that u can meet new ones and forget the old ones? so that life can show u the various colors of personalities in this world?

i am unable to decipher the mysteries of life...
to be contd...

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