Friday, 23 May 2008

Uncaptured Dreams

Confined in the corners of my heart,
Some dreams lie in hope.
Those were nurtured and cultured since ages,
They are the ramblings of my innocent mind.

From childhood to youth I grew,
My dreams became many from few.
They blossomed over my eyes,
My thoughts both old and new.

But now as I move towards maturity,
My innocence feels demure.
"Will my dreams ever come true?",
This insecurity creeps far and more.

Still, everyday when I wake-up,
My eyes add a new vision to my store.
On this day, with a new start,
"My Dreams will come true", I dream this even more.


sabari said...

What can you say about Nikita...we have been friends since matriculation when we both attended tuitions together. She was a real meek,sweet girl then...Imagine my surprise when she pops up years later as an advocate...And then she springs this blog out of nowhere...and i find my friend writes poetry too...Way to go madam...Keep rocking

Nikita said...

thanks yaar...appreciation and encouragement from an old lost ;)friend is really heartening....abt our school days i remember them very well and there were some moments in life taht I can never forget :)