Monday, 19 May 2008

Marriages ARE made in Heaven

Our first meeting was very short.
I din’t speak much. I’d better not.

Then we began meeting more.
I spoke less, but heard galore.

Though in the same office,
We met during post office hours.
The weekends were no more mine,
They were all OURS.

My parents fumed,
When they came to know.
But I was not able,
To say a firm “NO”.

Marriage seemed the only way out.
I was in no hurry, but that’s what “they” were discussing about.

Finally, one fine ‘Saturday’,
The D-Day arrived.
And now I had achieved,
For what I’d always strived.

I was happy and no more worried.
Coz my Line Manager was getting married.

So, no more staying late and working weekends.
Here, begins my Fairytale as my nightmare ends.

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