Tuesday, 19 January 2010

At last!

My days are numbered now.
Time is plenty but it seems less.
There is much to do but what to do no clue.

It seems like time has decided to fly by
and carry with me in its wings
to drop me at the spot where i will lose an identity
with which i lived for 26 yrs and instead
give me an identity with which i will have to live for the rest of my life
a life which no one knows when it will end.

It feels utterly shocking that i will leave a life that i created for myself
and go live in the shadow of someone else (which i never meant to happen)
for the major part of the God gifted life.

Leave everything behind
ur name
ur family
ur friends
ur life
ur lifestyle
ur freedom
ur smartness
ur cunningness
ur willingness
ur zeal
ur enthusiasm
ur excitement

all in all ur everything except urself so that u can be moulded into a new human being overnite so that u can
adjust to the changes
adjust to the new environment
adjust to the new surroundings
adjust to the new lifestyle
adjust to the excitement of being a newly wed
adjust to losing ur freedom n living in captivity
adjust to living ur life on someone else's terms
adjust to living a life that u never imagined will happen to u
adjust to everything n everything...

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Anonymous said...

Have a happy, long blissful wedded life.......
warmest regards
t, just a passer-by