Wednesday, 23 September 2009

worn torn story of a gown

I am 15 yrs old. I am long. I am usually black but on this occassion I was kind of bluish. I have two hands.

I met her when I was almost 15 yrs old. On that fateful day she had kidnapped me. Though intentionally but unwillingly. She required my services and I was the only one without any guardian who could be any use to her.

She took good care of me though she could do nothing of the injuries that I had sustained over the years. But then she tried her best to hide my injuries from the rest of the world as best as she could. She knew that I wont be staying forever with her. One day my original guardian will find me anyhow.

I did not want to be found. I had found a new home. A new caretaker and a new companion. I missed the gossips of the ladies where I first used to live. Nevertheless it was peace to live in silence again. My original guardian had not taken good enough care of me through these years. I was injured at the hands but I was never treated. I was injured in the front beneath the chest but I was left to my own state. I had nothing to be happy about.

In this new owner I found a intelligent human being who knew her stuff. I had started admiring her. But it was not to last for long. After all I had been kidnapped by her. How could a crime like this be kept secret for long.

My previous owner saw me with my kidnapping mistress one fateful afternoon. She was drinking water when that lady saw me with her. All eyes in the room were upon us. I urged her to move fast. But it was too late. She intercepted us on our way out. I was speechless. She proded me with her fingers first to check whether I was the one she was looking for. She touched my injuries to make sure I was the one. And sure enough I was. My kidnapper was confronted and bombarded with questions. She being a good soul accepted that I belonged to that lady and she had "borrowed" me for a day or two coz she was in dire need of me. Such is the
good nature of my kidnapper that she readily agreed to give me back to my previous owner but only after a day or two when she could successfully find another replacement for me. So it was to be that I stayed for another two days with my kidnapper when she returned me back to the caretaker of the room where my previous owner spends most of her day time. I was reunited after a tearless but heartbreak separation.

I am the gown. Advocates' gown.

P.S. i am really sorry dat i had to rob that tattered gown, but i had no other option u see. just a minute ago my gown went missing before my eyes n i had to go to the court room. In Supreme Court wearing of a gown is compulsory so i had to make some alternative arrangement for myself :) and so i had no other course except to BORROW someone else's gown till the time i could buy my own :)


Mridul said...

oh?god...marvellous Niki,,,u hv a way wid words...keep posting such stories regularly...

Sabari said...

You robbed a gown???? :O

Garvesh Kabra said...

WEll well well its a nice little true story....and very brave of u to accept ur deed....good words....injuries on the gown.....really good....gowns being the soul of the advocates and hearts of the litigants gets injured with the king of advocates practicing in India. I feel really sorry for the gown.....