Thursday, 1 January 2009

Cognizant 2009!!!

Rays of the sun befall the dew drop, making it glow in glee
Birds weave the melody, you love to wake upto, swirling from tree to tree
Tabloid in hand, you turn more informed, with each sip of that quintessential tea
You rush to get ready, to see yourself at work, hoping for a chance to flee

Thus life goes by, day after day, joy and woe cheek by jowl
As yoy try to fathom the meaning of life and carve amongst it your role
But then befall things that leave you agape, that make you wake up and take note
Things that set you ticking, episodes that get you thinking, events not heard of before...

1 comment:

Ashwini Kumar said...

how did you come up with such a confusing self-intro ?