Saturday, 20 December 2008

Danger on Road...Happened on June 3rd

I was jolted out of my sleep by the screech of a was the car I was travelling in, that had given me the jor ka jhatka dheere se lage wala jolt. I was sleeping soundly in the front passenger seat (an activity undertaken everyday to & fro the office), when the driver suddenly applies brake and I m thrown forward in my seat (sorry! I wasn't wearing my seatbelt!). I glanced at him with sleep-driven eyes but instead of being sorry for his act he was ponking his horn loud for the cars ahead of us to get lost...and he was also staring at something...I took cue n followed his gaze n 2 my horror saw a dog writhing in pain on the road just 2 metre ahead of us. It was then that the driver told me the reason for the sudden brakes...a car in front of us had ran over the dog and had left it to die in pain. The dog was in so much pain and fully covered in blood that I just couldn't take a look at it the second time. Instantly a prayer left my lips to God to help that dog and to save his soul. But the dog had had his share of destiny written already n I believe HE had penned it this way.

I couldn't just muster up the courage to look at the poor dog rather help it to the side of the road. It may be because of many reasons.
I cannot see a lot of blood flowing (ironically I wanted to be a neurosurgeon @ one point of time which is history now :(
I didn't have the guts to pick up the blood drenched dog in my bare hands.
I didn't have the courage to have my car stopped and call for ambulance.
Maybe I was afraid that if I stop the car n get down to help, wat are my cab mates who are sitting in the car going to think. That I was stupid enough to help a DOG n make them late for the office.
I didn't even have the courage to call up an animal ambulance.

Shit!!! man. When I think of that day, I get goosebumps. But I really wish I could have been of some help to a dying animal.
I do not know what karma had been done by the dog, but no animal or human deserves to die in this manner.

Why is it that life is so unfair with some n very fair with the others?

Why is that everything has been written for you? Your destiny is pre-destined for you and you are just a puppet come to play his part???

Why is that life has so many questions and so little answers?

Nvertheless, I believe God has sent me on this Earth for a purpose...not only me but everyone in this world is here for a purpose...and we need to fulfill that purpose in order to make our existence worthwhile.

I do not know what all this stuff that I have written relates to the life we live, but I do know one thing. Life is a very precious gift by God to any living being and if you show respect to life, it will surely reciprocate.

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