Monday, 26 November 2007

Earthquake in delhi

2day a earthquake rattled the residents of Delhi as well as neighbouring areas like ghaziabad n faridabad...d epicentre was in Bahadurgarh, a place near the Delhi- Haryana border.
the measurement on the richter scale was 4.3.

well my reaction was too cool...I mean when d earthquake came i was sleeping soundly n when it was about to get over then only I woke up. Mummy was already awake but couldnt understand ki what was happening coz she thought dat papa was again feeling restless as he is not feeling well from 2 days. so when I got up only did she know dat it is earthquake, but didnt wake up anybody else coz the tremors had passed away...

But surely the tremors were very strong as d epicentre was in Delhi only...Gosh!!!
This is the first time that I have experienced something of this sort in such a strong manner. Earlier when 2yrs back earthquake had come it was only light n nothing scary but today's was surely scary at d same time an eye-opener that we r not to take this life of ours for granted and to work towards the goal for which we were sent on Earth by the almighty. It's not everyday that everyone gets a chance to livea normal life

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